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Wearing nothing but white clothes is not the only solution for your problem!

On a hot summer day, even those can find themself sweating who usually would not have a problem with it. When we think of sweating, words like sticky or repulsive just come to our mind. This unpleasant  reaction of our body can cause a lot of uncomfortable situations in our everyday life and in many cases it can even affect our social and work- related decisions as well. 

Sweating is natural. 

Beyond the first impression there are a number of health benefits of this reaction of our body. Did you know that without sweating our body’s salt and water balance could not work? Or, that it plays a significant role in regulating our body temperature? Under regular circumstances almost half a liter of sweat is evaporating through our skin per day, but this amount can even reach six liters in warm climates. Besides the natural detoxification process, sweating can have many other causes, just like pregnancy, drinking too much coffee and alcoholic beverages, eating spicy foods, smoking, having a stressful life, or it can be a side effect of medicines.

Even Though pathological sweating can not endanger our life directly, it can incredibly frustrate our everyday life, and set back our self-confidence. In some cases the constant awkwardness and bad mood can cause several mental disorders or depression. The stress which will play a bigger role in our everyday life can increase sweat production, which most often causes unpleasant symptoms in the armpit, palms or soles. As a result of this in some professions, which require constant contact with the customers the palm sweating can be a significant obstacle to work. It can even force those who are struggling with this problem to change fields. The sweating of the sole can be especially problematic because of the constant shoe wear, as the skin softens and gives way to the fungal infection.

Many of us choose to live with the “I only wear white clothes!” oldie but goldie practice, as unfortunately antiperspirants can not provide a satisfactory solution for those who are struggling with pathological sweating. As a solution in our clinic we can set you free of the burden of the white clothes, even after just one treatment. 

If you have any questions regarding our miraDry treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us or book online your consultation appointment!           

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